4x4 2023
1 Day · 1 Club · 1 Gallery · 10+ Bands · ~40 Artists

Festival at panke.gallery & Panke Club, Berlin, Germany
29. April 2023

In winter 2023 we invited ~40 artists to a dinner. The random band generator assembled 10+ bands. 3 Months later those new bands performed live at panke.gallery & panke club.

1 Day · 1 Club · 1 Gallery · 10+ Bands · ~40 Artists

For the new festival format 4x4 a selection of ~40 artists from !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Panke Club and panke.gallery's wide network of collaborators are randomly assembled into 10+ band projects. The bands have two months to realize their projects for which hardly any framework conditions are set. The final projects are showcased during the 4x4 festival at Panke Club and panke.gallery, two spaces in Berlin Wedding connecting the different social and cultural circles of music culture and the art scene.

The genre-transcending nature of the concept offers artists with a variety of different practices – spanning music culture, visual, performative and media arts – opportunities to leave their conventional genres and redefine themselves without pressure in an unfamiliar, yet casual context.

4x4 uses calculated chance as a formative force and artistic method to bring together unusual working communities, new accomplices and collaborations which at the same time facilitates new social and artistic practices. Thus, the project sees itself as a social experiment in which a non-competitive space for collaborative action is created. Beyond the two working months and the two event days, the project leads to more "intimate" connections between the individual artists. As curators, we consider these relationships to be extremely important, especially today, as they lay the foundation for solidarity, political action and often make it possible in the first place.

Artists / Band projects

🕳️ com com com
Brendan Howell, Patrick Fabian Panetta (FAB), Sarah Grant (chootka), Bengt Sjölén (h4x0r)

🕳️ w/ union
Jee Sim, Nadja Buttendorf, Ksenija Ladic (KSEN), Clemens Schöll

🕳️ Gallery Level
Hannah Rumstedt (Frau Regel), Jowita Kepa, Lukas Grundman

🕳️ Pet View ft. DER Kundespunzler
Evan Roth, Simon Weckert

🕳️ Paris Hilton Condition
Tommaso Cappelletti & Noel David Nicolaus & Franziska Von Guten (Clusterduck)

🕳️ force(disconnect)
Pitt Wenninger, Xena Vectra, Bamboo

🕳️ PHD season
BeachBall, Nico Sauer

🕳️ phd season [OG]
Joachim Blank, Eric Bauer, Lola Göller

🕳️ S01E05 Sculpture
Brenda Lien, Kathrin Hunze

🕳️ sculpture DB
Juan Pablo García Sossa (jpgs), Danja Vasiliev (k0a1a), Eleni Poulou

🕳️ baeiou + ukko
baeiou, ukko

"Random Band Generator" at panke.gallery

Curators: !Mediengruppe Bitnik, DJ SchluchT, Lucie Freynhagen and Sakrowski in collaboration with Panke Club
Press: Igor Štromajer
Photos: Galya Feierman
More info about the event on the panke.gallery website