Odds Without Ends 2020
A group show on eBay Kleinanzeigen

online group show
17. July - 19. September 2020
Organized by !Mediengruppe Bitnik

What happens when you reinterpret a platform for classified ads as public space and use it as the site of an online art exhibition? Odds Without Ends is site-specific exhibition on eBay Kleinanzeigen, the largest online platform for classified ads in Germany. For many of us, the platform became a life-line during the stay home order. With many using their time in lockdown to declutter their living spaces, the platform became a place to hang out and see what neighbours were getting rid of.

Using eBay Kleinanzeigen as an exhibition space brings art directly to bargain hunter's homes, invading their screens, grabbing their attention and winning their hearts. This series of artworks uses the ad-space as its canvas and networked space as its show room to open up debates about value, ownership, public vs. private and the entanglement of online and offline spaces. The works within the exhibition unfold over 60 days, each with their specific life-span, mode of exchange and participation. Each work is live for a limited time only, to be discovered by chance orwith intent.

Example Projects

Odds Without Ends presents works produced specifically for eBay Kleinanzeigen by students of Klasse Brenner/Bitnik @ ABK Stuttgart.