Unreal Data 2023

Exhibition at Drugo More, Filodrammatica Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia
30. March – 28. April 2023
Curated by !Mediengruppe Bitnik

The exhibition Unreal Data focuses on how the shift to a data-driven society has necessitated that all the technologies we use essentially become part of the networked surveillance infrastructure. Automated data collection has become an intrinsic component of most technologies. Within this new and still emerging setting, we look at Unreal Data as a means to strategically intervene into data-driven systems. Unreal Data uses the ambiguous quality of data as an opportunity not to describe the world but to strategically producing data to provoke a specific outcome. Thus, Unreal Data is data that has been deliberately created or modified not to conform to the world, but to transform it – the lack of representational quality is not a bug, but a feature. We believe it is exactly this feature which opens spaces for action in a data-driven society where opting out is no longer an option.

In a post-surveillance world where tracking is ubiquitous and opting out is no longer an option, unreal-ing data is a way to playfully interact with algorithmic regimes and to regain some agency and control. The works in the exhibition find ways of doing this.

Exhibition view: Unreal Data, Drugo More, Filodrammatica Gallery, Rijeka (HR), 2023
Photo: Tanja Kanazir


Related Projects

The Unreal Data exhibtion is part of the research project Latent Spaces - Performing Ambiguous Data, an arts-based research project on the datafied contemporary based at ZhdK (Zurich University of the Arts).

Photos: Tanja Kanazir